The gym

that revolves


Personal Training on Demand.

Feeling frustrated and trapped in a gym membership you can’t find the time to use?

Introducing Ubifit, the mobile gym and personal trainer tailored to your lifestyle. Slot in a customised workout around your busy schedule – whenever and wherever you are in our available areas.

It’s time to get fit... your way

One-size-fits-all rarely fits anyone – so why should fitness be the same?

Ubi Booking

makes it easy

You choose where, when and how you want to work out.


comes to you

The UBI Van is a fully-equipped gym with custom technology to help you achieve your individual fitness goal.

Ubi Trainer

drives results

Our qualified PTs keep you on track and motivated to succeed.

Ubi Intellegence

adapts to your needs

We get to know you and your unique preferences, right down to the music you want to work out to.

Our Award Winning Ubifit Personal Trainer

Meet Cam

Cam is a motivational trainer whose number one principle is that you have to enjoy life, and this includes your training.

Cam applies what he has learnt from the disciplines of bodybuilding, training athletes, boxing and playing sport at a representative level, combined with the latest research, to create a unique hybrid approach to help you get stronger and fitter than ever. Think fitness – anywhere, anytime.

What Ubifit customers say

4 Easy steps to fitness freedom

Ubifit meets where you are and gets you where you’re going



With one of our Ubifit PTs


Ubi van

At your chosen location



Tailored to your needs


Meet Your
Fitness Goal

On your terms

Your very own mobile gym in Tauranga, Mt Maunganui & beyond

Don’t get sucked into a gym contract that you’ll barely use. Whether you’re looking for a qualified personal trainer in Mt Maunganui, Tauranga or another location that’s suitable to you, we’ll come straight to you. For a life with no limits, say goodbye to long-term gym contracts and 5am boot camps. It’s time to tackle 2020 with the encouragement of a trusted mobile fitness instructor that wants you to change your lifestyle – and love the new one that you create.  

Ready for fitness freedom?

Whether you want extra torque on your golf swing, to get ready for touch rugby season, or climb the Mount with two kids – Ubifit’s tailored workouts help you get more out of life.

Is Ubifit in my area?

We are launching Ubifit personal training in Tauranga, Mount Maunganui and Papamoa, but will be adding new locations as soon as we can. If you’re interested in Ubifit but don’t live in any of these areas, you can subscribe to our mailing list to be kept updated whenever we add new locations. If not, simply let us know here so we can prioritise your area and help you achieve your fitness goals.